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1961 Yearbook
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1962 Yearbook
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1963 Yearbook
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Waiting for this day for well over a year

To bring back some memories we all once shared.

What will I say, what will my classmates say to me?

Do I look the same?

Will they remember my name?

So my hair is less

And my belly is more,

We all grew up together that cannot be ignored.

Seven thirty came and I opened the Aquarium door.

I put my high school picture on my lapel, before I could turn around I heard someone yell, "Hey Shel", People started to pile in, hugging and kissing, So many familiar faces so wonderful to see, Many voices heard, "hey remember me." I saw Stuie, Mike, Naomi and Fred, Walter, Sheila, Matthew and Ted. Ronnie, Bonnie, Jackie and Sue. Linda, Marvin, Richard and Lou. Johnnie, Connie, Morty and Steve. So many names it is hard to believe. The music, the food all added to the night. Before I knew it, twelve o'clock came and There was no one in sight. Not much time to see and talk to everyone. It was a very special night. I hope we will do it again, To celebrate our lives and remember when.

- - This poem is dedicated to the teachers and classmates who have passed away, but will remain forever in our hearts.

- Richard Baratz
SBHS Class of '61