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Creator and writer for the Emmy Award TV sitcom Seinfeld. Writer, director, producer and star of the HBO TV series Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Former associate editor of the Rolling Stone magazine in Great Britain, sports writer, rock music critic and journalist appearing in Esquire, Playboy and GQ magazines. Novels include: Haymon's Crowd and Temple - winner of the National Jewish Book Award for fiction and writer of the play Temple. Author of STP: A Journey through America with the Rolling Stones; The Spiritual Supermarket: An Account of Gurus Gone Public in America; Bill Graham Presents: My Life Inside Rock and Out; and Dark Star: An Oral Biography of Jerry Garcia. His latest works include Timothy Leary: A Biography, to be published in June by Harcourt and A Season in Hell: The Making of Exile On Main Street to be published by Da Capo Press in September. He currently works as a screenwriter and producer in television and film.

Assistant Secretary of Education for eight years under President Bill Clinton. Developed ideas and wrote legislation for the American Disability Act and legislation in California. First person in a wheelchair hired to teach in New York City following a lawsuit. Holder of Honorary Doctorate Degrees from L.I.U. and University of California, Berkley. Currently President of Heumann Associates integrating the disabled into employment, education grant programs and social policy, and employed by the World Bank.

Created the Kreisler Group to license, manufacture and design womens apparel for Clovis Rufflin, John Kloss, Peter Max and Ralph Lauren. After the Biderman Empire purchased the Kreisler Group became President and Chief Executive Officer of Ralph Lauren Womens Wear at Biderman Industries. Founding investor in Sam and Libby footwear manufacturers. Co-led the buyers of Golden Brand Clothing Manufacturing of Montreal, Canada and Moore Retail Group of Toronto and Ontario, then sold the companies (115 stores) to Men's Warehouse of Freement, California. Created Four Daughter's Production Company to develop young writers screenplays and owner of 95 School Street and Laundry restaurants in the Hamptons.

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First team all city PSAL in basketball and baseball. Shortstop and third baseman for the Boston Red Sox for over ten years. Played in 2 World Series and several All-Star games. Held the home team record for shortstops (42). Former minor league manager and former TV-Radio announcer for the Boston Red Sox.


Writer, adaptor, compiler and editor for children's books in the U.S. and Great Britain. Clients include Ladybird, Kingfisher, Chrysalis, Hodder-Wayland, Parragon, Templar, Dorling Kindersley, Bookmart, Design Eye, Ivy Press, and Golden Books. Editor in Chief of Lady Bird Books, Golden Books, senior editor at Ridge Press and Editor at Harcourt Brace Jovanovich. Credited with over 125 published titles.

Former New York City Department of Education Executive Director 10 years, Director of Funded Programs 2 years, Executive Director of Intergovernmental Affairs 2 years, Deputy Executive Director 1 year, and Director of Funded Programs 8 years. Former teacher, guidance counselor and assistant to the director of Evening Studies at Kingsborough Community College. Currently Senior Assistant to the President of the United Federation of Teachers, New York City.

Sheepshead Bay High School's first chairperson of Health and Physical Education, first coach to win a PSAL City Championship in bowling (1961) and former Assistant Principal of Administration. First Director of Health and Physical Education in New York City and a director for the New York City March of Dimes.

Played basketball professionally in Israel for 10 years, member of Israel's National Basketball Team and voted to the top 50 basketball players to play in Israel. Member of the St. Francis College Sports Hall of Fame and selected by the Downtown Athletic Association as the New York City Amateur Athlete of the Year while playing semi-professional basketball for the ABC Freighters. Businessman, Vice President for First Alert Alarms.

Currently Professor of Clinical Medicine, Director of the Blood and Marrow Program and Hematopoietic Stem Cell Program in the Division of Hematology/Oncology Department at Stony Brook University. Former Professor of Medicine in Hematology/Oncology at Wake Forrest University; Professor of Pathology and Medicine, SUNY Health Center at Syracuse. Involved in seven grant programs and published over 45 articles and chapters in Medical books. Captain of the 1962 basketball team that qualified for New York City PSAL Tournament at Madison Square Garden.